Individual Counselling

Counselling is offered on a one-on-one basis.

As we journey through our lives the support of others and the ability to talk through the events of life or to think through the way ahead is often very helpful and supportive.

Sometimes as we transition from one stage of our life to another, we can also find that life events can be stormy and transition can be difficult or leave behind experiences and thoughts that can impact our future.

In Individual counselling we offer the ability to talk about these events, to think about their influence in our lives and ways of lessening the effects that these negative and difficult influences might have upon us. In some cases, the impact of life events and experiences may also have a deeper and longer term impact on our ability to function and transition through life. In these cases we might find that we need a more therapeutic approach to counselling which might involve a deeper more analytic and active intervention that helps us to re-think, restore and re-enable ourselves. This type of work is often called therapy and draws upon a number of tools and approaches to empower us as we move towards the future.

Individual counselling can also sometimes use what is known as brief or single session therapy. This enables us to identify issues, to consider solutions and then to put those solutions into practice in our lives. Sometimes in life, the journey from where we are, to where we want to be, is more difficult and has many aspects to it. In these situations a longer term, goal orientated approach to counselling and therapy is available.

The guiding model in individual therapy is what the individual person wants to achieve, and the ability to measure and identify progress toward those goals and the addressing of issues raised.

Couples Counselling

As with individual Counselling there are many possibilities as to how the work might be undertaken.

A key aspect of Couples Work is the ability to listen, negotiate and enrich the experience of life partnerships or shared experiences in life. Often Couples Counselling comes in the midst of turmoil or events that destabilise a couple or empower a couple to transition to the future.

In essence, couples work is about helping the couple to understand, modify, engage, improve and then strengthen their relationship or maybe even to transition out of the relationship.

This type of counselling work involves commitment and may involve individual one-on-one sessions as well as the essential couple together.

In Couples Counselling we identify the issues, explore the stories and equip couples with the tools to strengthen the future for themselves and each other.

Family Counselling

Family counselling investigates family systems and the context in which families lives their lives.

Often these systems and contexts cause conflict in their lives especially during times of transition such as adolescents, parental relationship breakdown, loss and grief and relocation.

Family therapy helps families to understand what is happening within their family unit and to discover and impliment life skills to address the particular issues faced.


Same-Sex Counselling Ballarat

Understanding the diversity in the Queer community

We understand that people in the LGBTIQ+ community face unique challenges during their life journey. Whether you are part of a couple or an individual we take an informed and understanding approach to supporting you.

Whether you need support in your current relationship, changing family situation, coming out or strengthening your mental health and wellness, we are here for you.

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