Setting and achieving goals

to help you heal, change or renew


The fees for a 50-60 minute consultation vary according to individual needs for each session and are payable on the day. Unfortunately these sessions are not rebatable from Medicare or Private Health at this stage.


All consultations are held at our Consulting Rooms: opposite St John of God Hospital, 112 Drummond Street North, Ballarat.

Phone: 0427 848 011 (appointments can be made via our online appointment enquiry form and all appointments will be verbally confirmed).


Referrals can be made through your GP or other professionals or you can book directly via our phone or appointment enquiry form.

In receiving a first referral, you will be contacted to participate in a free 10 minute phone call to discuss your situation and what it is that you are looking for. This is to ensure that you receive the right referral point for your circumstances.

Within the first session an overview of what it is that you hope to achieve will be established. Initially, 6-8 sessions will be scheduled depending on the services and the outcomes/goals you want to achieve.

Call or email us today to discuss how Counselling Ballarat can help you to heal, change or renew.

ABN: 19742241634


Afternoon & Evening by Appointment
Phone: 0427 848 011
Consulting Rooms 
(Opposite St John of God Hospital)
112 Drummond Street North, Ballarat