Offering Individual, Couples & Family Counselling & Therapy


Our counselling services for the individual are offered on one-on-one basis for a range of personal, interpersonal and life challenges including depression, loss and grief, medical illness, life transition/retirement, loss of job, leaving home, personal identity and behaviour (anger) management. 

Being in a couple can be joyful and sometimes hard work. At times we need a safe space to tell our story and external guidance to move through life’s challenges. Our Couples counselling services is offered on either a one-on-one or joint session for all marital, life transition, relationships, family, children, employment, separation and new beginning therapy.

Families are a complex arrangement of individuals, couples and external influences. It is a system that can be out of balance and difficult to negotiate. At times like this family therapy is a way to reflect on your family system to understand, to empower and where necessary, to change.

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Initial referral can be as simple as picking up the phone and making a time to see us through the appointment enquiry form on this website or through your GP or other professional. All contact with us is confidential.

What happens in counselling?

Counselling and therapy is goal-orientated and is aimed at achieving desired outcomes that are measured and reflected upon. This occurs over an agreed period of time depending on the issues presented and the goals to be achieved.

Counselling Ballarat has a professional history offering services to individuals, couples (including same-sex couples), the LGBTIQ community, adolescents and seniors.


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